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In the last two decades, the airline business has flourished manifold and it has become economically feasible for passengers to fly to various destinations from numerous locations using different flight legs. In this regard, LUNA Corporation has been providing a convenient platform to frequent flyers as well as tourists in the shape of LUNA Travels and Tours

LUNA Travels has been working with a number of Airlines since 1976 and has a full quota of seats available to it for every flight and destination that it offers. We facilitate seat reservations on international as well as domestic flights at highly competitive prices. We also offer a wide range of customized tour packages for a number of locations and destinations. Our various Umrah and Hajj packages are also designed for customers with varying needs and requirements.

LUNA Travels not only helps its valuable corporate and bureaucratic customers in selecting the most luxurious, swift, instant, and customized tours available. But we also guide flyers who are seeking economically feasible and timely tours.

Current Job Openings

Operations Senior Engineer Control

Escalator and elevator Electrical Technician

Planning Engineer

Senior Civil Works Technician

Senior Electronics Technician General

Elevator and Escalator Senior Technician