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Finding the finest talent to fill up vacant positions at your company can be made easier by hiring a sound recruitment agency that understands your special needs. At LUNA Corporation, it is our aspiration to efficiently provide you with a recruitment process that you can trust and depend on at all times.

The initial step of recruitment is for you submit a recruitment application form with us. Once you have submitted this form, you are done. Now it is LUNA Corporation's turn to find the finest candidates for you to choose from. We work diligently round-the-clock on our database repositories' updation and maintenance. Our E-recruiting system is under the supervision of highly qualified and extremely reliable personnel. We cautiously match the requirements of our clients with applicants in our database. We also use different statistical tools and techniques to make the recruitment process as unique and un-biased as possible.

After shortlisting the applicants, we send their records to the employer for further processing and consideration. The employer then sends back the processed information to our Human Resources department along with time schedules for interviews of shortlisted candidates. The HR department then sends emails, calls and messages the shortlisted candidates for the interview. LUNA Corporation makes arrangements for interviews by establishing a platform where both the interviewer and interviewee can interact in the best possible manner.

Following is a brief summary of the various steps and features of our recruitment cycle:


Job Openings are advertised on LUNA Corporation's website and in widely circulated daily newspapers.

Interview / Trade Test

After short listing the applications, for interviews and trade test, candidate's proficiency is tested practically to evaluate the workmanship and his conformity to international standards.

Medical Inspection

Every prospective candidate undergoes complete medical checkup including entire physical checkup, chest, X-Rays, etc. from approved medical centers recognized by GCC

Visa Endorsement

LUNA Corporation is responsible for the visa stamping process and collection of the passport from the concerned Embassy / Consulate


After stamping visa, LUNA Corporation submits passports, for registration with the Protector of Emigrants.

Reservation / Ticketing

LUNA Corporation also has a fully functioning Travel and Tours Agency which not only provides services to open clients but also makes lodging and air ticket reservations for selected candidates.