License NO. 669


SPACCO (Saudi Pakistani Advanced Construction Company)

Innovation, hard work and integrity. These are the three key ingredients of SPACCO that form the basis of its foundation and success. Saudi Pakistani Advanced Construction Company (SPACCO) is a Saudi National company registered with the Ministry of Commerce under Commercial Registration No. 1010273310 for implementation and execution of civil, electrical and telecommunication projects on turnkey basis. SPACCO has embarked on an ambitious set of plans to undertake a number of projects in these fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SPACCO has undertaken a number of service oriented and turnkey telecommunication projects. It has also supplied telecommunication network material and OFC accessories to service operators in the Kingdom.

SPACCO is managed by specialists in the fields who have a mission and vision to progress with an unwavering commitment to the nation and the valued client to provide quality services and products. We meticulously plan every detail and double check our double checks. It's a philosophy that does not only allow us to reach our dreams of success, but to exceed them.

Our reputation is our most important asset. A reputation for honesty and integrity is essential to our business. We conduct our business in a manner that earns us the respect and goodwill of those around us. Doing good work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry. No project is too challenging or unique, too big or small. Our goals for every project are the same — build it safely, on time, on budget and with no surprises.

Mission and Vision

  1. To become the customers’ most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and timely completed value added projects.
  2. To continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technology in methods and materials to enhance productivity and cost effectiveness.
  3. To continually improve the competence of our people and make them proud to work at SPACCO.
  4. To build a safety culture aimed at continually reducing the frequency severity rate towards achieving zero accidents.
  5. To identify and mitigate all the environmental impacts arising from our activities and comply with applicable environmental norms.
  6. To contribute to the development of the local community and society at large as a part of our corporate social responsibility.
  7. To be the Industry Leader and a Market - Driven Engineering Construction Company renowned for excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all types of construction

Ensuring International Standards of Quality

With a dedicated and highly motivated team of engineers, supervisors and technician, SPACCO is a company which is fully committed to accomplishing its work qualitatively while adhering to the time schedules of completion, complying with strict specifications of clients and rigorously applying Saudi and International safety standards.

SPACCO is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of quality and performance in the provision of its extensive range of services. The knowledge and experience garnered over the past four decades has been transformed into complete quality assurance program. Having worked with several overseas clients and latest technologies, SPACCO is well-versed in best practices and standards followed internationally.

Human Resources: A Key to Success

The strength of any organization lies in its people. SPACCO strives to provide its employees the right environment and opportunities for self-development. This begins with hiring the best, training them and setting them free on challenges as part of highly motivated project teams. Its project managers from various engineering disciplines provide the leadership to complete projects to the satisfaction of the client.

SPACCO's highly qualified professionals combine creativity and initiative with accumulated experience. Complementing the talents of SPACCO’s in-house team is a panel of eminent consultants with specialized knowledge and experience, whose services are availed for specific projects.

SPACCO Services

SPACCO has established itself as a leader in the field of service providers for various mobile operators in a versatile manner. This perspective contributes to the extensive knowledge base SPACCO brings to network operators in the following fields:

  1. Site Selection
  2. Site Acquisition
  3. No Objection Certificates/Building permits
  4. OSP (FTTH – FTTB)
  5. RF Engineering
  6. Transmission and Microwave Engineering
  7. Line-of-sight Surveys
  8. Civil Survey & Site Designing
  9. Civil Works & Construction Management
  10. Network Planning and Implementation
  11. Installation of Radio & Transmission Equipment
  12. Testing and Commissioning
  13. In-Building Coverage
  14. Documentation

SPACCO also has an extensive computer network with state-of-the-art information management systems to support its diverse operations. A wide variety of latest software, some of which are customized and developed in-house, is used for project execution. SPACCO offers the following computer and IT related services:

  1. Structural Analysis / Design
  2. Piping Stress Analysis
  3. Heat Balance
  4. Hydraulic Analysis
  5. Power System Analysis
  6. Instrumentation
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Integrated Packages
  9. Plant Design
  10. Project Management
  11. Financial Analysis
  12. Geographical Information System
  13. General Purpose CAD
  14. General Office Automation

Current Job Openings

Operations Senior Engineer Control

Escalator and elevator Electrical Technician

Planning Engineer

Senior Civil Works Technician

Senior Electronics Technician General

Elevator and Escalator Senior Technician